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When it’s time to have fun in Vegas Ashlyn is the perfect Las Vegas escorts girl to have fun with. She knows everything about Vegas because she has lived here for quite some time. She loves her city and wants all her guests to enjoy themselves and relax so she LOVES to nuru massage. When this beautiful babe thinks of Vegas, she thinks of fun and sexy laughs. As guests come to see her, she gives them the same image of Vegas that she has.

Ashlyn is a good girl that loves to have naughty fun. She knows that people come to Vegas for different reasons but she wants them to leave with a bit of fun too. She has always been an outgoing woman. She is a dancer at the Little Darlings Strip Club. She enjoys her work there because that is the club with the tallest poles in the industry. She has learned how to use her body in ways that work the pole from top to bottom and it intrigues all her guests.

Her job as a dancer is something that she is happy to use with her guests. She knows just how to cater to all her guests and their needs. She doesn’t mind being on her feet. And when her guests need a little extra excitement, she has a body that will perk any tired soul up.

When she thinks adult fun, she thinks bars, dancing and stripping. These are all things that she loves to introduce her guests to. She knows that her guests have seen and done it before but not like they do it in Vegas. She enjoys showing them how to do it like she does every night in Las Vegas.

When it’s time to take her guests to clubs, it’s easy for her. She knows all the hot spots and she loves being a VIP at most of them. Her favorite place to take her guests to is 1 OAK Las Vegas. It’s spacious and not every city has one. It’s a club that gives her guests the experience they want when they come to Vegas. If she can’t take them to 1 OAK Las Vegas, she will happily take her guests to Savile Row. That’s where she encourages her guests to get their sexy on.

Guests that don’t want to dance the night away at a bar or club are happy to know that Ashlyn is a regular at the strip clubs around town. Of course she will invite her guests to watch her work the poles at Little Darlings. When she doesn’t work there, she does a special feature around town at different clubs. Treasures is her current hangout if she doesn’t have anything scheduled with a guest. When she has female guests with her, she is happy to help them yell and ogle the men at Hunk Mansion. She knows a bit about all the clubs and will make sure her guests have the time of their life.

When her guests want to get naughty, she has to know just how far they are willing to go. Ashlyn is the girl that looks innocent but will make a grown man blush with the pleasure she is happy to give and the show she puts on.

When her guests want a bit more than what they can find in a club, she is happy to take them back to the hotel and put on a private show. She loves dancing and she gives an awesome show behind closed doors. When she can work the room at her own pace, she leaves nobody out and she ensures she gives them what they want to see. Not only does she do a private show, she can call in a girlfriend or two to give a girl on girl set that will titillate anyone watching.

Kinky is never something people expect when meeting this sweet looking woman but she is a surprise with a kinky streak. There is nothing that she calls off limits. She knows her guests won’t mind her kinky streak if they ask for it and when she unleashes, they are left breathless.

In the privacy of a hotel room, Ashlyn is happy to put on a different kind of show. For those that want to watch a woman play with toys, she travels with a full set. She is flexible and very happy to bring herself pleasure with an audience. When she plays, she plays for a long time. She doesn’t mind going from a dancing routine into a toy filled play mode. When she is done, she leaves her guests feeling like they have played just as hard as she has.

Not only does she travel with her own toys and enjoy using them, she gives a wonderfully relaxing massage. After being all worked up and tired from hanging out all day, she wants to put her guests to sleep. She doesn’t mind walking around naked in front of her guests and giving them a sweetly intense massage. She knows that sleep won’t come to those that are worked up so she calms them down with her touch and leaves them boneless and replete.

When it’s time to end a trip in Vegas, Ashlyn makes sure that her guests do something big. Whatever her guests want to do, they do. Those that don’t want to spend their last night in the noise of a club or spending money at the casinos are surprised when she takes them to one of the pools in Vegas.

For those that don’t want to spend time at one of the wonderful pool clubs during the day, Ashlyn is happy to stay in and have a sexy brunch before sending her guests off. She doesn’t just leave her guests to pack and leave without a reminder of their time together. She leaves her guests wanting more of her and their time together.

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